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Paper Labels for Laser / LED Label Printers

We produce each label order fresh from raw material using our efficient just-in-time production management system and sell die-cut labels for use in our QuickLabel line of Laser / LED label printers as well as labels for use in other printers, with thousands of dies (tools to produce die-cut label shapes) to choose from.


  • Material 66: Matte Paper Label
    A matte, smooth, bright-white paper label with a general purpose adhesive developed to adhere well to packaging films, corrugated board, and glass surfaces.
  • Material 121: Matte Textured Paper Wine Label
    An ivory-coloured label stock with texture reminiscent of a classic laid paper. Material 121 labels can be removed from glass bottles after immersion in hot water.
  • Material 128: Matte Vellum Paper Wine Label
    Uncoated vellum stock presents a premium, classic wine label appearance. Resists tearing when exposed to moisture. Adhesive complies with FDA Regulation 175.105 permitting indirect contact with food.


  • Material 61: Semi-Gloss Paper Tag
    This bright-white non-adhesive card stock is semi-gloss coated on one side, and recommended for printing of inserts, tags, and tickets.


  • Material 119: Gloss Paper with Aggressive Adhesive
    4 Mill glossy white paper with aggressive, permanent adhesive that maintains hold on narrow diameters without edge lift, and withstands EtO and gamma sterilization.
  • Material 157: Gloss paper with Removable Adhesive
    maintains long-term removability on glass, plastics, and corrugated cardboard.
  • Material 159: Premium Gloss Paper Cover Up Label
    Ideal for printing cover-up labels for premium primary display labels. Its bright white, extra-thick top sheet with opaque barrier layer prevents anything below from showing through.


  • Material 158: High-Gloss Paper Label
    This paper label with exceptional gloss and bright whiteness features high-strength freezer-grade adhesive and complies with FDA Regulation 175.105 permitting indirect contact with food.

Develop Label Materials

QuickLabel carries nearly 100 different label and tag stocks. If you don’t see the material you’re looking for, QuickLabel can source and test new raw materials to meet your end use requirements. Just ask one of our Media Sales Specialists.

Make sure to let us know if you are interested in reselling our high-quality labels! Choose your label size from the constantly-growing library of shapes or QuickLabel will happily create a custom label shape for you.