Receive a discount of at least £ 1,000!

Receive a discount of at least £ 1,000!

Limited offer, available up until 31 March 2019
£ 1,000

Exchange your old colour label printer!

Take advantage of the new, improved Kiaro! QL-120 colour label printer with full warranty! Offers the following advantages:

  • Easy to use
  • Prints to paper and polypropylene
  • Long lasting print
  • Reduces stocks
  • Exceedingly flexible, it enables you to rapidly adapt to regulatory changes and to customer demands
  • A single supplier for all your inks and labels

Order your Kiaro! QL-120 today - Stocks are limited.

*To qualify for the discount, I agree to return my old colour label printer to AstroNova. I also declare that I am neither a competitor nor an employee of AstroNova, nor a retailer.*

We will send you your personalised offer once you let us know the model of your current printer.