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Premium Secondary Label Printer


Premium Secondary Label Printer

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The QL-111 was developed specifically for manufacturers and processors who want to make fantastic-looking labels at high speeds.

Printing in 600 dpi, it produces high quality, durable labels that clearly identify products stored in manufacturing facilities or distributed throughout the supply chain.

Ideal for JIT production, co-branding, supply chain and private labelling applications, the QL-111 produces labels with clear-cut text and highly scannable barcodes, durable print and colour-fast content. Integration with other equipment and processes is achieved through QuickLabel’s available External Pause Option and the printer’s built-in Command Interface.

The QL-111 is the revolutionary mid-range addition to the QuickLabel printer family that combines excellent print quality with high-speed label printing and low cost of ownership. With the QL-111, you will have the ability to support the just-in-time requirements of your industrial business and label production line.

Perfect for: Shipping & supply chain labels, work in process labels, warehouse labels, Kanban cards, manufacturing and industrial packaging, electrical and hardware parts, secondary labelling, appliance labels and JIT production labels, footwear, lighting components and all types of industrial, commercial or institutional products.


Save Your Business Time & Money

  • Eliminate the use of a barcode printer to overprint lot-specific variable information onto preprinted labels.
  • Avoid the costly, multi-step process of purchasing preprinted labels and overprinting the variable data on a barcode printer.
  • Standardize on a blank label and get the exact label content you need, in the right quantity, on demand.

Gain Flexibility, Increase Compliance

  • Integrated and synchronize intelligently with other production systems, including label applicators, for an in-line color print and apply operation.
  • Design labels centrally, deploy globally, print locally at multiple sites in minutes.
  • Integrate with most third-party software, from graphics programs to label design and print automation packages.

Use a Label Printer Made for Your Industry

  • Designed specifically for industrial businesses, warehouses, packaging, manufacturing and distribution facilities that need to identify and label cartons and secondary packaging of all types.
  • Use digital in-house printing at 600 dpi resolution to print variable color compliance on carton labels with barcodes for supply chain applications to identify products.
  • Reduce labeling errors to avoid charge-backs, audits or costly reworks and returns.

Warranty and Support:

  • Help is always available by telephone, email, and web.
  • In addition to the QL-111 standard One-Year Warranty, the following packages are also available:
    • Quick Set-Up Package: A QuickLabel specialist will come to your location, install the QL-111 and train your users to start printing labels.
    • Full Customer Support Package: A QuickLabel specialist will come to your location to provide installation and training service. After the initial set-up, you will be enrolled in the QL-111 QuickSwap™ program where you will be provided a loaner QL-111 printer in the event your production is down and an emergency replacement printer is needed.
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