Kiaro! K-200 Label Printer

The Kiaro! 200

Wide-Format Inkjet Color Label Printer

The Kiaro! 200

Wide-Format Inkjet Color Label Printer

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You’ll agree that the Kiaro! 200 is the most reliable, wide-width inkjet label printer on the market today.

Similar to the standard Kiaro!, the Kiaro! 200 prints beautiful labels at 8 ips and 1200 dpi resolution.

The Kiaro! 200 makes quick work of wide labels with its ability to print label sizes from 4”- 8” wide and up to more than 17” long. With four separate large-capacity ink cartridges that are designed to minimize running costs, the Kiaro! 200 is a great fit for labelling larger products in-house.

Perfect for: food, beverage, boxes, bottles, chemical & janitorial and sanitation containers, multi-part medical device labels, cartons, jugs or promotional product labelling and more.


Cut Label Costs by Printing on Demand:

  • Eliminating your costly inventory of pre-printed labels by allowing you to digitally print your own professional quality, wide labels in short-run batches.
  • Avoiding delays due to lagging label shipments, and enjoy the flexibility and control of printing wide labels on demand, as you need them.

Uptime Peace of Mind:

  • Provides the most consistent operation and most repeatable high-quality performance ever.
  • Automatically detects when cleaning is necessary; if needed the Kiaro! 200 will pause during the print job, perform an automatic cleaning and then resumes printing on the very same label.
  • No wasted labels when starting, ending or pausing a printing run.

Gorgeous Instant Label Printing:

  • Produce labels in beautiful 1200 dpi, impressing your customers, retailers and even competitors.
  • Prints quickly at 8” per second (that’s 40’ per minute!).
  • Unlike other label printers, which offer high quality but slow print speeds or fast printing with grainy images, the Kiaro! 200 prints at its highest quality, 1200 dpi – every label, every time.

Easy to Use:

  • The intuitive, fully-integrated design lets operators load labels and inks in seconds, and is truly user friendly – anyone can operate a Kiaro! 200.
  • Compatible with label artwork designed on a Mac or a PC, and whether a .jpg, .tif, .pdf or any other file type.
  • Robust printer drivers in the Kiaro! 200 are compatible with Windows® software and all major label software brands.
  • Whether you use the included Custom QuickLabel® software or another labeling software, you will easily create and print Kiaro! 200 labels.

Warranty and Support:

  • Help is always available by telephone, email, and web.
  • In addition to the Kiaro! 200 standard One-Year Warranty, the following packages are also available:
    • Quick Set-Up Package: A QuickLabel specialist will come to your location, install the Kiaro! and train your users to start printing labels.
    • Full Customer Support Package: A QuickLabel specialist will come to your location to provide installation and training service. After the initial set-up, you will be enrolled in the Kiaro! QuickSwap™ program where you will be provided a loaner Kiaro! 200 printer in the event your production is down and an emergency replacement printer is needed.
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