Pronto! 482

High-Speed Barcode Printer

Pronto! 482

High-Speed Barcode Printer

  • 51 mm – 254 mm/sec
  • 203 dpi
  • Built-in Ethernet

The Pronto! 482 offers fast, reliable barcode label printing. With user-friendly printer design, advanced networking, rapid processing, support for all major barcodes and expandable memory, it is extraordinarily simple to print barcode labels with the Pronto! 482.

Suitable for the majority of barcode label printing applications, the Pronto! 482 delivers consistent, high-speed label printing at up to 10 ips and integrates with major ERP systems and custom host software systems.


Print Over Pre-Printed Labels:

The Pronto! 482 is also used to make low-cost custom labels for primary display labeling when it over-prints a pre-printed flexographic label.

Use rolls of labels with your logo, colorful product artwork or a simple background color to print variable information such as product description, flavor, weight, size, nutrition facts, ingredients and barcode onto the open space of the pre-printed label.

The result is a beautiful, custom-print label with an attractive price point.

Barcode Printer with Built-in Ethernet and Web Server:

A built-in Ethernet server and a built-in web server are standard with every Pronto! 482 barcode printer allowing you to print over a network, as well as monitor the status of your barcode printer remotely online.

Barcode Printer for Factory or Office:

The Pronto! 482 is a quiet addition to any office. However, its die-cast aluminum build makes it rugged enough for industrial and shipping settings where work-in-process labels or packing labels are printed on-demand.

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