Frozen Food Labels

Hot or Cold – Our Printer Helps Your Labels Stand Up to Any Temperature

It’s important for your frozen foods to have unique and attractive labels. It’s equally important that your frozen food labels don’t wrinkle due to condensation, fade away due to UV store lights, or lose their adhesion and fall off due to low temperature.

The solution is to use a Kiaro! label printer to print your own professional labels for frozen foods. You will be able to attract more customers with great-looking labels. You’ll also save time and money by printing your labels in affordable, short-run batches of labels instead of buying pre-printed labels.

Proven Performance in Freezing Temps

Browndog Creamery, a micro-creamery in Northville, Michigan uses a Kiaro! to label their pints of hand crafted, premium ice cream.

“We were a little skeptical about how they would adhere to a frozen pint, but the Kiaro! labels do quite well,” says Browndog Creamery co-owner Paul Gabriel. “The synthetic material that we use for the pint labels is pretty resistant to water, and we actually label the pints after they’ve gone through the freezing process.”

Label Stocks Formulated for Freezing Temperatures

QuickLabel Systems has designed label materials that are perfect for frozen foods. Our label Material #178 is a gloss white polypropylene that stands up excellently to extreme temperatures, moisture, and produces a perfect image with the Kiaro! inkjet label printer. Material #178 provides you with durable labels that are ideal for printing gorgeous images on frozen food labels which must resist moisture and solvent exposure in extremely cold and warm temperatures from -65° F to +147° F (-54° C to 64° C).

The Perfect Label Printer for Frozen Foods

The Kiaro! inkjet label printer can print frozen food labels that don’t peel off at the astounding quality of 1200 dpi. That means you’ll have professional frozen food labels printed instantly – right in your facility, and you can apply them after your foods are already frozen, or before they go into the freezer. You can finally pair your delicious frozen foods with colourful, vibrant labels that stand up to extreme temperatures, thanks to the Kiaro!.

The Built-in Advantages of Printing Labels In-House

You’ll start seeing the savings that comes from instantly printing frozen food labels with the Kiaro!. Having a Kiaro! in-house means that you’ll never have to worry about having ordered too many labels, or not having enough when you absolutely need to have more. The Kiaro! label printer can handle quantities from just a single label all the way up to 7,200 labels per hour! Perfect for labelling small batches of premium ice cream, or thousands of labels for your best-selling frozen foods.

See for yourself!

You can schedule an in-person demonstration today! Don’t waste any more money by printing expensive labels on a slow label machine or by letting someone else print inferior labels for you. Start printing better labels, when you need them, yourself. Contact us today.

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