E-cigarette Labels

Print Your Own Labels for E-Liquids with the Kiaro! QL-120

The demand for electronic cigarettes is rising more rapidly than ever. And it has shown no sign of slowing down. There are lots of vape wholesale suppliers selling vape products for great prices so it’s important to capitalize on the popularity while it lasts.

With a growing customer base, it’s imperative e-liquids produced for e-cigarettes stand out among the competition. While some companies have a focus on vape tanks, for example https://slickvapes.com/collections/vape-tanks, others focus on the appearance of the e-liquids to make them easier and more attractive to buy.

The Kiaro! QL-120 inkjet label printer from QuickLabel makes it is easy to create your own distinguishable, quality e-liquid labels in your own facility!

What Does a QL-120 Do for Your Labelling Process?

Having a QL-120 in-house means you’ll never have to worry about overestimating label orders, or not ordering enough.

The QL-120 label printer can handle quantities from just a single label all the way up to 7,200 labels per hour!

Perfect for labelling small batches of custom vape juices, or thousands of labels for best-selling e-juices. You’ll start seeing the savings instantly.

Additionally, with all the varieties of vape juices being produced, it’s important to have the ability to give each flavor its own distinct image. Nobody wants to struggle to use different flavours for their Hamilton Devices simply because the labelling is too poor to see which flavour is which. The QL-120 is versatile enough to compliment all of the growing varieties of e-liquids, everywhere.

Your Competition has Already Gotten on Board…

Join the e-liquid makers that have already begun printing their own vape juice labels using a Kiaro!.

Boosted Vapor, an e-liquid maker and vape shop retailer based in Clinton, Michigan, uses the Kiaro! to label its wide variety of vape juices. Boosted Vapor also offers custom labelling of its e-juices to wholesale and private label customers and prints all labels on their Kiaro!.

Jeff Kohr, CEO, states, “I believe in our Kiaro! printer. I’ve had a lot of other printers, and I’ve never had anything like the Kiaro!. It has improved the quality of our product from a labelling standpoint, it’s improved our productivity, it’s improved our inventory control, just from the standpoint of what it does, and it’s been a top quality unit.”

What Else Did Your Competitors Have to Say?

One of the most amazing things the Kiaro! has done for NicQuid was give Weaver the opportunity to extend his employee’s hours. Before the Kiaro! the employees at NicQuid weren’t given full work days, because they were making the products faster than they could label them.

Mr. Weaver admired the Kiaro!’s astonishing ability and printed 20,000 labels in the week he got the Kiaro!. “This printer is FAST,” he said, “the printer we were using before could print one label in the time this printer can print about a dozen.” That’s a 12 to 1 ratio!

“To any company that has the need to print labels in-house,” explains Weaver, “there is no better option than the Kiaro!”

Why is the Kiaro! QL-120 the Perfect Label Printer for E-liquids?

The QL-120 inkjet label printer can print e-liquid labels at an astounding 1200 dpi. That means you’ll have professional vape juice labels printed instantly and in your own facility.

The QL-120 also prints at 12 inches per second! You can finally pair your delicious e-liquid flavors with colourful, vibrant labels only the QL-120 inkjet label printer can provide.

See for Yourself!

Schedule an in-person demonstration with a Kiaro! QL-120 label printer. During the demo, you will see your artwork in production and see how great your labels can look! Learn more and contact us today!