Chemical GHS Labels

What are the Regulations for Chemical GHS Labels?

GHS stands for Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals.

Represented as red and black graphic symbols, otherwise known as pictograms, communicate information on the hazards of a specific chemical.

For instance, GHS regulation standards use a total of nine pictograms. So, the purpose of these symbols provides workers with better information on the safe handling and use of hazardous chemicals. Therefore, allowing them to avoid injury or illnesses related to exposure.

To read more on each GHS classification symbol, with a more in-depth review of each, please view OSHA’s brief on hazardous chemical labeling requirements.

If you need help understanding every facet of GHS law, check out our free white-paper: GHS Chemical Labeling Compliance: Requirements & Solutions.

Streamline Your Production Line with GHS Complaint Label Printing

As a manufacturer, you know hazard communications content can vary for each product label.  To pre-print labels for each chemical with this information can result in large amounts of waste and inefficiency.

Our state-of-the-art labeling solutions offer a better option. The CQL Pro labeling software links to your database of chemical descriptions and communicates this information to a digital label printer. By using these tools, you will eliminate waste and unnecessary label stock, printing the exact amount of labels you want when you need them.

With a complete line-up of robust color label printers such as the QL-120X label printer and wide-format QL-800 label printer, it’s easy to become compliant and maintain compliance.

Add a Touch of Color to Compliance & Gain Brand Recognition

With most GHS label printers only offering the ability to print in just two colors (red-and-black), our durable label printers present the opportunity to print full-color labels in up to 1200 dpi resolution.

This advancement allows you to print entire chemical labels in seconds, including your logo, primary display panel graphics, GHS symbols, text, barcode, and serializations.

Printing in full color, 1200 dpi allows your compliant GHS labels to send two messages:

  • Your product is packaged safely by a responsible manufacturer
  • Your company logo and branding stands out from other competitors

While other companies are stuck with identical packaging, you’ll gain valuable competitive advantages. For example, maintain GHS compliance while showing off your signature brand.

In addition to enhancing your brand recognition, you will gain full control of your production line. While also managing total printing costs with ease and printing each unique label on-demand.

Always Print the Compliant, Durable Labels You Need

GHS labels must be chemical-resistant, abrasion-resistant, UV light resistant, weather-resistant. They also must utilize a marine-grade label adhesive in order to satisfy GHS label standards for permanence.

So, printing in-house is the most cost-effective way to print GHS labels. Therefore, chemical producers with QuickLabel printers will not experience delays in packaging or shipping products after adopting GHS labeling standards.

QuickLabel offers a variety of GHS compliant label stocks all made in our in-house Media Laboratory. Fitted with high-end test equipment, our Media Laboratory performs a series of tests to ensure QuickLabel materials are perfectly suited for your application. All our label materials are tested in accordance with ASTM standards and are qualified for use in a variety of printer models.

To learn more about our label stock, feel free to request a quote.

See for Yourself!

For more information on QuickLabel’s printing solutions, we offer free, personalized demonstrations at your facility to showcase how easily you can print your own compliant GHS labels in-house.

Schedule your free demo today!

Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have.

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